What is ’ ata’ ’gawa’ ?.

Not Atami but Atagawa.
An Onsen area overlooking the sea with superb views located between Atami and Shimoda.
Atagawa became a popular area after it was used as a fimling location for a hit TV drama series half a century ago.
But those were the old days.

Nowadays, popular to … "Atami is just not enough.."
Onsen pro’s who want to enjoy the unique Onsen culture

Of course, those who enjoy peace and tranquility time as well.

2hours from Tokyo

It takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes by using the JR Limited Express Odoriko from Tokyo Station to Izu Atagawa Station.
If you use the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Atami, you can arrive in about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Venturing to a small Onsen town…

Is this your first encounter with Atagawa?

Explore the deep Onsen town culture – onsen steam puffing out of the towers, ‘old-school’ retro games, sandy beach with transparency, elaborate hotels and inns,,,

「Perhaps, your journey at Atawaga will become a special page of all your memories..

Spring Quality x Culture ~ Aiming to be the best of the best of Japan ~

There are many Onsen resorts in Japan, and the term itself has become the standard of travel.

Atagawa Onsen aims to be the best in Japan by multiplying the quality and culture.
Please enjoy Atagawa Onsen, one of the best Onsen in Japan

Superb Sea View All to Yourself

Deep blue sea, is the sea of Atagawa.
Swimming is merely one way to enjoy the sea.

Experience the different ‘faces’ :
The sunrise that warms your heart. The magic hour right when the sunsets…
“Moon Road “ - breath taking moment when the full moon reflects on the dark sea..

Atagawa Onsen ~ Hillside Onsen ~

Enjoy the natural sea scenery while walking down the hill from the station, or the panoramic view from the top of the hill.

Can only experience such Onsen town at Atagawa.
Perhaps you may find your favorite ‘photo’ spot.



熱川に九份が灯る(毎日点灯 18時から23時)


熱川に九份が灯る(毎日点灯 18時から23時)


What is ’ata’ ’gawa’ ?