I definitely want to go to The ATAGAWA TROPICAL & ALLIGATOR GARDEN!

Family course

I am a recommender

Doukan-sensei (500 years of watching Atagawa)

It has been 500 years since I found Atagawa Onsen and kept watching it.
Since Yuru-Chara Boom came, we have been waiting for it yet,
Finally I became Yuru-Chara.
My recommend Walking course for families is include The ATAGAWA TROPICAL & ALLIGATOR GARDEN!
Playing with nature unique to the countryside that you can not taste in the city,
Please enjoy!

Go to Infinity Hot Spring (Takaiso no Yu)

At first ,please go to the outside bath (Takaiso-no-yu)! Children are delighted at the spa!

"Umeya" can see the train from the parlor is recommended

If you have a parlor, it is safe even if you have small children. 30 seconds walk to The ATAGAWA TROPICAL & ALLIGATOR GARDEN!


Giant crocodiles will welcome you. Enjoy sweet desserts at the fruit parlor.

Experience making hot spring eggs at the 100 ° C Onsen

If your feet get tired, go to the footbath next to the station. Please try making hot spring eggs with your children. However, the temperature of Atagawa Onsen is about 100 ℃, so be careful.

Check in early!

Check in early and explore a big hotel with your kids.

I still want to interact with animals

Approaching in front of you! ! White tiger, lion, giraffe This is a truly interactive zoo.

It's summer! It's sea! Atagawa YOU Yu Beach!

Proud beach with the best water quality. In the summer, Atagawa Onsen also turns into beach resort. We look forward to seeing you in summer.

Google Map

It is a royal road course of Atagawa Onsen including The ATAGAWA TROPICAL & ALLIGATOR GARDEN, footbath, hot spring egg, gourmet.
Walking distance is short so it is easy for children