Atagawa Onsen is “photogenic”

Courses for girls traveling and couples

I am a recommender

Ishijima Masakazu (One year living in Atagawa)

I have lived in Atagawa Onsen for a year (2019 ~). The love of Atagawa Onsen is second to none.
You will always find new and wonderful places.
A casual cityscape. Slow time.
This is the supreme walking course that I thought of from a viewpoint close to the customer.
>For men
Atagawa Onsen has many slopes. Please escort women smartly.

Come by Kinme train.

It is good to take a slow trip by train while looking at the superb coastline.

Don't forget your camera!

Even a roadside manhole is a memorable photo spot

Atagawa Onsen

Symbol of Atagawa.OYUKAKE BENZAITEN.
The hot springs continue to spring out.
Please pray for their future while feeling the power from the earth.

Sunset while looking at Izu Oshima.

Have a fantastic magic hour together.

Check in early today.

Please enjoy your time with the seafood of Izu.

[Recommended for the next day] A spectacular view at Omuroyama.

Did you talk a lot and have a refreshing morning?
More and more, please come to Omuroyama to excite your feelings.
The time on the lift is yours.

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Atagawa Onsen is “photogenic”
Superb view, cityscape, crocodile, banana, hot water smoke.
Atagawa Onsen has an attractive scenery.
Please take a special photograph only for you